We just published our social network and there is some technical issues which we are fixing now.


Users is possible to have problems with:


Missing background / profile picutre

When you post a new picture you will receive a new notification, do not delete this as it deletes the picture, if you do not want the notification but you do want to keep the photo/s choose hide from time line instead. We will fix this soon.

Sharing memes / pictures / posts

Our sharing systems works different than Facebook.


You can share everything much faster! All you need is to click on share button and you will see dialog window which ask you where you want to share: Timeline, Group, Page..

a) If you want to share your post in Group or Page you must first to become member to them. Then it will be show on share list and you just need to choose it and write text and system automatically will post in desired page or group.

b) If you want to share directly in chat or other place, we are working very hard to include "Copy link URL in clipboard" option. We hope it will be available next week and you can share manually everywhere.

But for now you can do this: Please copy the POST address and paste as appropriate. You can also open post in new window and copy entire URL in clipboard. This is temporary solution until we fix the problem with url copy from menu.

3.Reactions (mobile HTML browser)

To like (react) to something, hold over like for 3 seconds and the reactions should appear